Characters We Work With – Friends

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September 26, 2022

Characters We Work With – Friends

The Monica

Monica is the best colleague you could ask for. She is really good at her work, and is always interested in what your work entails, how you do it, and how she can learn to do it, too. You are happy to show her, although knowing her, you suspect she may pretty quickly do it just as well if not better. But she is so darn nice, and clearly well-intended, you trust that she would never do anything that will paint you in a bad light. She is the person who goes that extra mile in every way. Whether it is her work which is always done right, complete with uniqueness and creativity, or an office celebration where everyone is assigned to bring an item. Monica will bring the bags of chips as assigned, but she’ll throw in her famous homemade mini-beef wellingtons, enough to feed forty, and of course a pineapple cheesecake with the company logo emblazoned on top. While some find her constant over-achievement frustrating, they, and everyone else let go of any suspicions about her motives long ago, and all hold her in the highest regard.

The Joey

Joey is your favorite co-worker. He has the charm and gift of gab that most wish they had. He works hard at what he does, and neither you, nor anyone you know has seen him produce anything you would call extraordinary. But it never deters him, as he always believes the next thing he does is going to be legendary. He is a great friend, who is a social butterfly, always looking to organize a group outing, whether an off-site company retreat or more likely the Friday night after-work drinks at the bar downstairs. Everyone loves Joey, because he has a heart of gold, is a friend to all, and no one considers him a real threat to outshine them in their respective positions.

The Ross

Ross may be the smartest of your colleagues. He is well-educated, takes his work very seriously, and seldom makes mistakes. When he does, you will see him brooding for a while as he looks to rebound from the pain. His diligence and reliability in the quality of his work is offset by his lack of emotional resilience. He’ll stay in a high or a low for a while until something causes the other to take over. Choosing between Ross and Joey on an important project, you are likely to go with Ross, as you know the project will be done right, on time, and please the bosses. But he will never how close you came to choosing Joey, despite knowing there would be a good chance it would turn out fairly substandard as opposed to the polished gem you would get with Ross on board. Still, it is hard to pass on the fun, energy-filled couple of weeks you would have collaborating with Joey on the same project. You’ll wait until a less important project surfaces to invite Joey to join the project team.

The Chandler

Chandler is well regarded at work due to his clear intelligence, his head for business, and his ability to be both a numbers guy and a big picture thinker. He sees the micro and macro, and frequently asks questions to make the right decision that accounts for both. He also is a fun guy to be around, has a razor-sharp wit, and can always be counted on to drop a one-liner that gets everyone laughing, and is seldom at the expense of others. His unique gifts include being a genuine people person, sarcasm and wit included, with a strong head for business that makes him a multi-level threat to be the big boss some day.

The Janice

Janice is a valued team member because she is smart, is dedicated, and goes all-in on her work and her work-relationships. She has a big presence, can be loud, loves to laugh, and probably laughs just a smidge harder than most at even the corniest ‘Dad Joke’. If Janice is talking to a co-worker, or on her cell phone in the cafeteria, you’ll know everything that is going on without even trying. It is just who she is. But you love her commitment to the company and her loyalty to the many friendships she has built in the office. And although she may talk, laugh, cry, and complain just a hair louder and more animated than the average superfan at a World Cup Soccer game, you put all of that aside because it is great to have Janice on your team.

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