Characters We Work With – Yellowstone

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May 31, 2024

Characters from Yellowstone We All Work With


Some careers are set in a bustling metropolis where traffic makes for a miserable commute only to find the line at Starbucks out the door, all before beginning a fast-paced, demanding workday. But there are many settings we call our workplace, some spent on a mountain, a forest, or the open range. In the hit show ‘Yellowstone’, we find the Dutton family working hard every day to protect their land and their family, taking on all comers, from those who simply want to purchase their vast property and turn it into a ski resort, while others look to takeover in hostile, sometimes deadly fashion if that’s what it takes. Let’s dig into our favorite family from Big Sky Country and see if we see parallels between them and The Characters We Work With in our careers.

The Kayce Dutton

Office rebels are always among our favorites, always willing to speak out for change, willing to accept repercussions rather than compromise their beliefs. Our local vocal is the Kayce, who never seeks the spotlight, happy to leave it for the office comedians and self-promoters who call out their every accomplishment. The Kayce simply does his job, builds great relationships, and his subdued persona is as authentic as is his passion for doing what is right, which he brings with full force, and everyone at every level listens.

The Jamie Dutton

Every career stop includes those who come in with the pedigree, the intellect, and the work ethic, quickly making strong connections, making it clear that they are always thinking next level. Our fast-rising colleague is the Jamie. The Jamie has all the tools, consistently demonstrating his ability to do any job and take on any project at a high level. We come to learn that Jamie is not above cutting corners if it serves him or a project with his name on it. And we wonder if such measures are his own or those lofty connections pushing to get it done at all costs. Either way, we have to be careful around the Jamie to make sure we are not one of the corners he cuts at some point.

The Rip Wheeler

When a great leader comes from within, it makes a team stronger, and produce within being micro-managed. Our leader amongst his peers is the Rip. The Rip has been with the team a long time, knows this business as well as anyone at any level of the company. He owns his role and his responsibilities, and handles them every day without fail. The Rip’s loyalty is unmatched, and with little interest in moving up in the company, his focus is always on his work and the interests of the team, willing to confront anyone who fails to prioritize their work, or not carry their fair share for the team.

The Beth Dutton

Executive teams include industry veterans who bring the knowledge and high business acumen that gives confidence to all employees and shareholders that the company stands on solid ground. Our savvy executive is the Beth. The Beth is a no nonsense leader, focused far more on the future than the present. She is always steps ahead of the competition, bringing uncanny instincts and decision-making, never questioned by even the board, as her track record is near perfect in shaping the direction of the company. The Beth also tear into any employee she believes is not cutting it, or makes critical mistakes. She is as direct as they come, making us grateful for her soundproofed office that protects anyone outside her walls from hearing her occasional tirade.

The John Dutton

The person at the top, responsible for the whole operation is The John. The John took over decades ago, carrying on the family legacy started generations earlier, now his domain to oversee. The John leads with strength and conviction, and despite many offers to sell or merge with conglomerates, the John is never interested. He believes it would not only betray his family legacy, but would invariably compromise the interests of the company, and he is committed to success on both counts. As competition grows, and the vultures circle during any economic downturn or when competition is strong, the John leans on his team and ultimately makes the final call which has yet to let the company down.

From city to country to the plains, mountains, the ocean or the sky, workplaces are everywhere, and it is seldom what drives culture or an overall experience. People make or break a culture. Yellowstone shows us the leaders, the followers, the loyal, the righteous, and some we suspect are up to more than what we see. Over the course of a career we’ve seen them all, and much like Yellowstone, it takes that unique combination to make a business run, and a workplace the interesting and memorable place in time we carry with us, all thanks to The Characters We Work With.


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