Characters We Work With – Happy Days

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September 25, 2022

Characters We Work With – Happy Days

The Howard Cunningham

Howard is even-keeled, seldom rattled, and not much phases him, making him the perfect cool-under-fire boss. While some take his low-key personality for disinterest or lack of awareness and think they can get away with quite a bit with Howard leading the way, don’t be surprised if he is well aware of what is going on all around the workplace. He won’t shy away from challenging conversations, willing to tell people like it is in a calm judgement-free manner. He will give you the chance to come to him to talk about anything, work-related or personal, but will eventually come to you to check in if he thinks you need help or advice. You are thankful to have Howard at the helm and trust that everything will always be okay while he is around.

The Jenny Piccolo

Jenny tries really hard to be liked. She will never pass by you without offering a compliment on your clothes or hair or your splendid work. She wants desperately to be included, not just with one group but with every group. She loves a juicy piece of gossip, and enjoys passing it along, believing it will endear her to the listener. You may be with a couple of your co-workers at the water cooler, coffee machine or break room having a conversation when Jenny pops in to insert herself into your group, mixing in as though she has been there since the conversation began. You could be wrapping up a long, funny story, and although she only caught the last 15 seconds, she’ll laugh along, often more animated than the rest like she heard it from the beginning. She is good at heart, and why no one dislikes her, although she is kept in the work-friendzone by most. The combination of the gossip, over-complimenting, and non-stop perkiness is simply too exhausting for people and has a ring of insincerity.

The Ralph Malph

Every office has a comedian or two, but there is one who often stands out from the rest, willing to go the extra mile to get laughs. Like The Jenny, Ralph is desperate to be liked and has learned that comedy is his best chance to accomplish that. You seldom count on Ralph to lead a project, or deliver outstanding work, but when you are feeling blue, Ralph can usually come through to pick you up. While most are happy when Ralph is around, some find him to be ‘too much’, and very few take him very seriously. It is likely too late for Ralph to change. He’s been typecast as the class clown, and seems willing to accept his fate as long as the laughs keep coming

The Marion Cunningham

Marion is friendly, funny, and consistently gets the job done. She has boundless energy, which can give the impression that she is rattled or in a chaotic state. But she knows what she’s doing, is goal-oriented, and will not sleep until the job is done. She also projects loyalty, love of friends and family, and is appreciated and trusted by all of her colleagues. She is a valuable team member, consistently counted on, and always comes through with a smile on her face.

The The Fonz – Arthur Fonzarelli

From the moment he rides in on his motorcycle to the moment he rocks the leather jacket to leave for the day, you are in awe just to be in the presence of The Fonz. He is the essence of Cool. People either want to be him or to be with him. His reputation for being the coolest, toughest guy around is legendary, and the way he carries himself makes you believe the legend is real. Unfortunately, none of us have actually ever worked with The Fonz. He is a rebel. He does his own thing and can only ever be his own boss. If you’re lucky, he’ll drive by when you’re broken down on the side of the road, because he has both a heart of gold, and of course knows how to repair anything on a car. And by the time you turn around, having sent a text to let people know you are all set, you hear only the revving of his motorcycle as he speeds off into the sunset. The Fonz never waits for a thank you.

Bonus Footage!

The Chachi Arcola

Chachi is like a Mini-Fonz. He can rock the leather as well, is pretty cool in his own right, is liked by everyone, and thankfully Chachi is a bit more relatable than his mythical cousin, Fonzie. Chachi does not take himself too seriously, can give you a laugh throughout the workday, and can be a good listener if you need him to be. He doesa solid job, never gets mired down in the office gossip or politics, opting instead to pretend it went over his head. It probably has not, but it is Chachi’s way of not getting involved in nonsense, and part of why everybody likes working with him.

Chuck Cunningham

We’ve all worked with Chuck, but only briefly. Chuck is the guy you met on Day One in that job you had where the company hired several people at once, and you all began with the company at the same time. He joined you for orientation for the first few days and was with your new-hire group for more training on Thursday and Friday. When everyone returned from lunch and the afternoon lesson began, Chuck was nowhere to found. You assumed that he either got sick or had some type of family emergency, and figure you’ll see him Monday. Monday comes, and no Chuck, same on Tuesday, then Wednesday, and so on. Chuck is gone. He was in your life for a brief period, and inexplicably in a flash he vanished, never to be seen or heard from again. Every so often Chuck comes to mind, and you shake your head wondering ‘what ever happened to Chuck?’

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