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September 22, 2022

The Michael Scott

He is narcissistic, brash, often inappropriate, and only when you have spent enough time around Michael Scott do you see that there is actually a good person deep down. Few hitch their wagon to Michael instantly, and those that do will experience a wild, bumpy, often terrifying ride that will often end in several failures before the one that works out. And if Michael happens to be your boss, it will be bittersweet, as you are likely never to get further in your career but can get away with just about anything, including substandard work, for as long as you wish. The nicer, more complimentary, and willing you are to spend time with Michael, the happier he will be – and we all like a happy boss.

The Pam Beasley

She is sweet, kind, funny and loyal to those around her. Despite what she sees or hears through the grapevine, she will generally keep it to herself. As the first person to greet you, she is the face of the office, and her demure warmth and smile make you feel welcome. As a worker, she is steady, reliable, and proficient. While content doing what she’s doing, her willingness to step out and do side projects, travel for meetings or projects show that there is far more to her. She wants to be more than her title suggests, and make more of her career and her life. We love working alongside Pam, who given the chance, will surprise you.

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The Dwight Schrute

He is confident, abrasive, stubborn as a mule, and unfortunately incredibly loyal and very good at his job, which reminds you every day that he is not going anywhere. It is up to you to choose to adapt to him, try and make friends, to ignore him, or spend your life tearing your hair out as you make repeated, futile attempts to change him. Over time, as with most people, you see there is more to Dwight than meets the eye, and also like most, there is a darker and lighter side. He will revel in the misfortune of others at times, and yet will bend over backwards to those he deems loyal. For a bottom line business, which most are, The Dwight is a must-hire, but you may want to consider giving him his own office. He may not deserve it, but you and the rest of the team will be grateful you did.

The Creed Bratton

Who he is, where he came from, what he does, where he lives, who hired him, among many other questions are ones you will never get an answer to. He is the mystery of all mysteries wrapped in a riddle. He is nice enough, gets along well with everyone, never makes waves, and does not mind being the butt of a joke. That of course is because he was not paying attention and had no idea he was part of the joke to begin with. He comes and goes like everyone else, blending in like the plants, pictures, furniture, and is just about as productive. You would be no more shocked to hear that he donated all of his time to charity as you would, hearing that a family were found buried in his basement. You sense it is better not to dig in too deeply with Creed, opting for a smile-and-nod-only-relationship that seldom you would be wise not to take beyond ‘Hello’.

The Phyllis Vance

She is kind, warm, good at her job and always down for a good time. It does not always seem like it on the surface, but she cares deeply about her job and performance and can be very competitive, if not ruthless to come out on top. Although she can come across with a softer, quieter persona, you have come to understand that Phyllis has a wild side. Whether the office party, or company trip, you can count on Phyllis to surprise you, get out there and dance, maybe have a bit too much to drink, on her way to giving you much more to think about when you size up the quiet, reserved Phyllis.

Bonus Footage!

The Ryan Howard

He is the new member of the team, looks the part, has the pedigree, and the boss falls in love at first sight with him. He immediately catapults to the top of the ‘favorites’ chart, much to your chagrin, forcing you to not project your ‘sour grapes’ onto Ryan knowing it is not his fault. It is the unpredictable and childish behavior of your boss. Ryan is smart, ambitious and has dreams far bigger than being your colleague for any length of time. His fatal flaw is his superficiality, lacking the depth and character to be a better worker and better person. It is challenging to work with Ryan due to his often condescending attitude, which seldom allows him to give you much of his time or attention. But he is neither mean nor negative, so you end up privately hoping he will find the discipline to go after whatever he’s looking for and move along.

The Toby Flenderson

If the color beige were a person, thine name be Toby Flenderson. Nothing flashy, spectacular, nor special about Toby as far as you can tell. You sometimes feel bad when you see the boss pick on him, or people dismiss him out of hand. But then you find yourself doing the same at various times due to his strange behavior which sometimes straddles the line between what is appropriate and just plain odd. It is hard to get to know, let alone get close, to Toby. He is the classic HR representative. Whether it is due to his access to everyone’s personnel records, possibly eavesdropping on conversations, there is something about Toby that just seems a bit sneaky and either rub people the wrong way, or completely forget he works here.


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