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October 1, 2022


The Arthur Fancy

Arthur is a solid leader, and as your manager, he hands out the work, and oversees it all day to day. He is a no nonsense, straightshooter type of person, willing to tell you like it is, whether praise or admonishment. He believes strongly in his people, evidenced by the many times you or your group was the target of someone from another group or team, maybe from sales or fulfillment, some partner organization who was unhappy with what they perceive was your part in causing their team to miss a goal or deadline. Arthur gets to the truth and will tell you that you screwed up or defend your work to those who cried foul. It is a comfort and frankly an honor to have someone with his leadership skill, able to hold you accountable and make you better, but always have your back as well.

The Andy Sipowicz

Sipowicz is a veteran of the business, and of the company. He has been here a long time and seems to predate most of the others in the office. Sure, he has seen his fair share of business difficulties, but he remains the steady force, helping to keep everyone in the eye of the storm that sometimes surrounds your workplace. While he doesn’t seem to be the most personable of your colleagues, he actually is a good conversationalist, has a lot to say when brought into a conversation. Most importantly, he is good at what he does which all combines to make him a valuable employee and team member. You have seen him on many occasions, like the manager, step up for you and for the team, as his serious demeanor is seldom loud or animated. But when Sipowicz tells someone the answer, the tone and body language assures you that it is the truth, and you should accept it. And people do. You are glad to share your work and the space with Sipowicz and look forward to the next time someone calls out your work or that of the team so you can see him in action while your adversaries take cover.

The Greg Medavoy

Medavoy is a unique character to work with. He is competent at his job but lacks the confidence to work as independently as you and your colleagues would prefer. He will ask questions about things he knows, and you know he knows. You wonder if that habit is an inability to learn from experience or if it is more purposefully done so he can show you what he knows. Either way, it does not always put him in the best, most respected, category among the peer group. Surprisingly, he is otherwise effective in his work, produces results and is relied upon by his team and superiors. Although your initial impressions are that Medavoy lacks intelligence or is immature, it is simply his style, and with a distinct lack of confidence, it masks what is actually a thoughtful, intelligent person. Those close to him know that, while some prefer to keep him at arm’s length.

The John Kelly

Kelly is the tough, skilled veteran of the office, much like Sipowicz. If Sipowicz has seen it all, you would imagine that John was in the passenger seat along with him. He is former military and wears the scars and rugged exterior of a Ranger or Seal, putting that experience to use in the workplace. Although it is not combat, there is negotiating, leadership and communication skills that Kelly taps into day to day and is effective in getting things done by leading with those strengths. Despite that metallic outer shell, Kelly has an incredibly soft heart, and is someone who will reach out to those hurting or in need. He will very quietly be the one to help you resolve problems and help you turn tough situations around. Kelly will not only deflect praise, but he will also ask that you keep his help, support and generosity to yourself. He would rather be relied upon primarily for his work, while supporting you or others professionally or personally on his own terms.

The Sylvia Costas

Sylvia is a key partner to your team. She is part of the compliance and operations team. For most of what you do, there is a right way, wrong way, sometimes a legal way, that things must be done for compliance and adherence to regulations. Sylvia will swing by to check in on you and the team, learning what you are doing and more importantly how you are doing it. What you love about Sylvia is her ability to steer you in the right direction before the mistake is made, and why your team has few corrections to make on the projects you complete. She also has a terrific way about her, holding all the cards in a sense as she is in a role that reports to the executive team any concerns she sees from your team and all teams. Unlike many in her position who love to focus on the mistakes or unruly behavior to prove their value to those above, she never sweats the small stuff and will share her praise for the successes and achievements you and the team have earned. She is perfect for her role, and you are happy to have her.


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