Characters We Work With – South Park

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October 1, 2022


The Kenny

Kenny is a man of few words. He is always there in the mix, filing in with the rest of the team for a meeting or presentation. Kenny prefers to blend in with the rest, avoids making eye contact, and hopes the meeting will conclude without him being called upon for his thoughts. You assume he does not have many, and when he does, you find him difficult to understand. You ponder whether there is a bit of a language barrier as those around him often pick up for him and translate what it is Kenny was trying to say. He, like Cartman, has been on the chopping block seemingly every week of the past few years. If you had a nickel for every time you heard ‘They fired Kenny’, you’d be rich.

The Terrance & Phillip

They are not actually employees, but clients you support and whose needs cause them to come into your office more than the average customer. You are never sure what problem Terrance & Phillip have run into, but as a high-profile client, you have to own their issues to maintain their business. It is one of the major pain points of your job, but your loyalty always drives you to rise to the occasion and put up with them to get them cared for and on their way as quickly as possible. They are the most annoying of your many clients. They seem to believe they are funny, but largely have private jokes between them that keep them in stitches, while those around them shake their heads wondering what the joke was. Terrance & Phillip are in their own little universe, speaking their own language, and thankfully you only have to step into their world briefly to give them what they need, and move them along. It’s not easy work, but someone has to do it.

The Mr. Garrison

Mr. Garrison is a unique individual, such that you have known him a long time, yet feel that you really don’t know him at all. He shares probably too often that he has a lot going on at home, yet you know he has no family to speak of, he lives alone, and this is his only job. You have always left it alone, and hope that he does as well, more interested in moving along to someone or something else rather than have him dig in on his home life. There is a lot more to Mr. Garrison than meets the eye, and why you generally avoid looking him directly in the eyes for your own safety. His work is always on point, and what is needed most in your organization. His quirkiness has to be put aside in favor of his good work, which everyone is able to do. As you pass Mr. Garrison’s desk, covered in knickknacks, toys projecting the image of a much newer, less experienced employee, you assume it ties into the stuff going on at home. It deepens your belief that you are best not to pry.

The Butters

Butters is a simple dude, a newer employee whom you are trying to help find his way in the work environment. He is in an entry level position and seems to have the skills to make him functional, even successful, with the right training and support. It is his personality that concerns you, as he seems to be a bit of a pushover, willing to do other people’s work for them, and never receives much in return. While professionalism and appropriate conduct are always a priority in your workplace, there is something that seems to drive a few less mature individuals to pick on Butters. In his short time he has been the victim of several pranks, never mean spirited, but clearly a result of people feeling they can get away with it. And they always do. Poor Butters has completed projects that were made up, traveled to locations for meetings that were never scheduled, and has been convinced to admit to making mistakes on projects of which he played no part. He is the wiling fall guy all too often and why you think he will likely not be long for this company.

The Eric Cartman

Cartman is a force of nature around the office. He is loud, brash, profane when he can get away with it, and sometimes when he can’t. He is as stubborn as the day is long, believing in himself while most do not. You always look across the room in amazement that he is still here. You have heard too many times to count that Cartman is on his way out based on whichever recent tirade, inappropriate comment, or conflict with colleagues is under review. Yet here he is. The strange part is that he actually is among the most resourceful employees you know of. He seldom fails and figures out unique ways of getting things done when others would simply give up and let another step in to care for it. Not Cartman. He is his own person, comfortable in his skin. If unapologetic were an academic concentration, he would have his PhD.


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