Characters We Work With – Cheers

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October 2, 2022

Characters We Work With – Cheers

The Woody Boyd

It is great having Woody around. He is the nicest guy you, and everyone else, has ever met, never a bad word to say about anyone, and if you need a hand, Woody will jump into action to help. His level of competence in his job is not off the charts, but you see that with training and support he is smarter than the vibe he gives off initially and has learned to be a solid, productive team member. As he does, his value goes up exponentially with personality and approachability that is exceptional. You are so glad to work with Woody, knowing he will always make you feel good when you need a little pick me up on a rough day, and wish more people could be as kind, humble and friendly as he is.

The Diane Chambers

Diane is a walking conundrum. When she first came to work with you, she was pleasant, but had an air about her that simply rubbed you and most people the wrong way. You weren’t being judgmental for no reason, as it went beyond just her demeanor, or the over-confidence in how she carried herself. Diane has a habit of correcting other people’s English, pointing out the mistakes of others whether directly or in the presence of others, and is happy to share her level of education, work she has done with people of influence, or the latest books she has read…in the past week. She struggles to accept responsibility for her own mistakes, citing the person or persons responsible for having shown her the wrong way to do things. Ultimately, most people come around on Diane, looking past her off-putting tendencies and condescending demeanor. You have seen her humbled, and accept the help of others when needed, which has taken her down the necessary pegs to seem only a level or two above your current standing. Sure, Diane will never believe you are her equal, but over time she has a more realistic picture of who she is and sees and appreciates the value of those around her, all of which ups her likability greatly.

The Norm Peterson

Norm is the most predictable of all co-workers. His level of consistency is untouchable to the mortal human, as nothing ever phases him or takes him away from what he is working on. Whatever his mission may be, he gets on it with laser focus until done. While others get involved in the lives of others, whether through prying or eavesdropping, Norm is impervious. Nothing penetrates that shell of utter disinterest. He will however engage with others, happy to offer an opinion when asked, and you see that he does have strong opinions, even if they come in response to a question posed, never proactively offered. He seldom deviates from his post or his responsibilities, and when the job is done, he is gone. His steady approach sees him arrive and leave, and do just about every predictable thing in between, at precisely the same time, the same way, each day. You may find it too routine, never seeing him express the desire to branch out, move ahead, or work on new things. Nope, Norm is the epitome of contentedness. He likes the people around him, his work, his routine, and seems to just enjoy being where everybody knows his name.

The Carla Tortelli

Carla is your classic “Salt o’ the Earth” co-worker, coming in with a blue collar mentality and a mouth to prove it. And she proves it at least a few times most days. Everyone loves her, some do have a healthy fear of her, but you all know that she truly has a heart of gold, is a strong family person, and despite the tough exterior would literally give you the shirt off her back. Of course the one time she did, someone reported her to HR…they opted not to confront her for it. While putting some people off at first with her too often foul mouth, over time people don’t even hear it, sifting through the vulgar to find the intent. And typically she is right about what she’s saying and you find that she is quite smart and brings up good points. If you combine Carla’s work ethic and smarts with the professionalism and charisma of some of others you work with who are all style and no substance, you know there would be a great leader there. But Carla is as comfortable in her own skin as they come, happy to do what she needs to do to keep her family and home going strong, and she seems to be having a good time while she’s at it.

The Sam Malone

Sam is your quintessential great guy. As a mid-level manager currently, he is also somewhat a legend in these parts. He was a high-level employee right here at the same company before you joined but left years ago to start his own company in the same industry. While it did well at first, eventually due to some tough economic times, partnerships that went awry, and going up against competitors who had the resources to dominate their space, Sam’s operation went under. His first call naturally was to your employer where he learned his craft and rose to senior management to explore a return. With a great reputation, industry knowledge, and a vast network of people at the company, they were happy to bring Sam back. However, whether due to the competitive nature of those who hired him back, or punishment for having left and competed against them, he did not return to his original position. Sam was brought back a level or two below where he was previously, forcing him to again have to prove himself to move ahead. Sam is unphased, carries no chip on his shoulder and seems genuinely grateful to have had the career he has to this point. You love having Sam around because he’s good at what he does and working with him feels a bit like working with a celebrity. While you hope he again rises back up the ranks, you really hope that he takes another shot doing his own thing and sticks it to those who you believe treated him vindictively upon his return to the company.

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