Characters We Work With – Breaking Bad

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October 2, 2022

The Hank Schrader

Hank is everybody’s buddy. He’s a little rough around the edges, acts like a tough guy around other guys while borderline inappropriate with just about everyone. He’s always macho, projecting the true Alpha Male exterior. While he is a bit of a blowhard, he is in fact a good person, and why most tolerate his obnoxious personality and like having him around. He’s funny, always too loud, but is inclusive of everyone, and his confidence makes him a person you like to be around. If you’re friends with Hank, you definitely feel like one of the cool kids. Hank is not the best at what he does, but he is above average, and thus has the respect of both co-workers and his superiors. He thinks he is the best at what he does, and projects that confidence at every turn. Sometimes when you need quiet, you will steer clear of Hank. But when you need to blow off some steam, go out for drinks and just have a good time, you know who you will be sending the first e-vite to. But you just stop by Hank’s office to ask him – he doesn’t know what e-vite is…

The Skylar White

Skylar is a bit of an office matriarch. It is about her personality and her demeanor that has you think of her in this role, not her age. She is caring, kind, and always there to listen when you need her. You thank your lucky stars that someone hired her at some point, and that she is with you on this leg of your career journey. She helps make everything okay. People are complex creatures, and have good and bad days, ups and downs. So does Skylar, but she is more resilient than anyone you know and while you sense that she has been through a lot personally, it never stops Skylar from being the person you count on, appreciate and value more than many people in your work and personal life.

The Saul Goodman

We are thankful for the Hanks and the Skylars, and all of the good people who, while unique and quirky, are pretty consistent in the way they communicate and project themselves. In time you can count on each of them being the person you know and generally respect and appreciate. Then there’s Saul. He is the chameleon in the office. He tries to be everything to everybody all the time. You never have a sense as to who Saul is, because you see him as one thing to you, then three different things to the next three people. Thus, everything about him seems disingenuous, and designed to further his own agenda. In time you are clear that you will never know the true Saul. Yes, he has come in handy when you needed something, and who few come through more consistently than Saul when you are in a pinch. But you are smart enough to repay him for his help right away, knowing that carrying a debt with Saul will be one he will look for recompense for the rest of time.

The Gus Fring

Gus is a great guy. He is not a regular employee in your office but does a lot of business with your company and is thus around the place as much as anyone. Most people think he is actually an employee until it is pointed out that he is a business partner, and an important one. Your interactions have always been friendly and cordial, and you see that he is highly intelligent and knows the industry well. With enough time and exposure to Gus, particularly when it comes to your work with his business, you see the Jeckyl & Hyde transformation happen without notice, and it can be scary to watch. Gus has only two gears – Stop and Light Speed. When he is triggered, you are best served to get out of the way and let him go because there is no stopping it. He can walk away, take his business elsewhere, which is unacceptable to the company. So his hot and cold behavior is more than tolerated, and if you are among those responsible for the Gus account, be prepared to make him happy, or take cover and slide in the air pods for when he eventually loses his sh$%^. 

The Walter White

Walter White is the person whom you knew from the beginning. They were normal, had a family, you saw the pictures on the desk, heard of the camping trips two hours away that served as the family vacation each year. You bought the Girl Scout cookies from their kids each year, and pledged for the swim-a-thons, the 5K races, you name it. Nothing ever stood out about their existence. You liked them. Then something changed. Could be the promotion, the divorce, the lottery win, even the loss of a close family member. A while back there was some defining point that shook something loose within the Walter that turned them from Average Joe, to Joe Exotic. From one year to the next there was a transformation in Walter that, if you had been away on a project or from a surgery for a period of time, you would not believe it was the same person. They changed appearance, the way they talk, carry themselves, and are simply not the person you knew once upon a time. You are not sure if they have changed for the better, and the stunning transformation makes you uneasy enough not to dig in too deeply on what the heck is going on. So you leave it alone, let them do their thing, and just hope you don’t catch any shrapnel from whatever they may be into now.

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