Permanent Highway Maintenance Worker 1 – Shelby County, PN 20061900

PERMANENT Highway Maintenance Worker 1 (Full Time)

Who We Are:

The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) oversees building and maintaining the nation’s 5 th largest interstate system and the 2 nd largest number of bridges. We take pride in providing safe and efficient roadways for the people of Ohio and to the people traveling within our great state. And in order to achieve that, we do A LOT! From Planning, Engineering, Construction to Law, HR, Communications, IT and everything in between, ODOT has a career for just about everyone. ODOTers are hardworking, passionate, and dedicated to public service. We strive to achieve our agency’s vision every day: To be a long term, reliable, professional, and highly productive organization.

We Support Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: ODOT values its diversity, and is committed to cultivating an inclusive and equitable work environment for all employees – one where differences are respected and celebrated. Our agency continues to build a workforce that champions the advancement of DEI principles and initiatives.

ODOT’s Mission Statement:

To provide easy movement of people and goods from place to place. We will:

-Take care of what we have

-Make our system work better

-Improve safety

-Enhance capacity

What You Will Do:

-Attend training in order to obtain a CDL Class B Licensure

-Performs emergency response, clean-up, and traffic control

-Serves the public and work to make the roads in Ohio safer

Who we are looking for:

-Safety Driven

-Enjoys working outdoors

-Honest, accountable, trustworthy, and respectful

-A positive team player

Benefits to you:

-Extensive benefits including medical, vision, dental and basic life insurance

-Earning a Class B CDL, a $6,000 value

-11 paid holidays per year

-Paid time off with vacation, sick and personal leave accruals

-Childbirth/Adoption leave

-At least a 14% employer contribution in to your OPERS pension plan

-Voluntary Retirement Plan option with Ohio Deferred Compensation

-Opportunities for career advancement through ODOT’s Highway Technician Academy

-Pay increases pursuant to the OCSEA Collective Bargaining Agreement

-Employee Tuition reimbursement programs

-Work Boot reimbursement program

-Work/Life Balance

-The opportunity to work on an important mission

Official Position Description:

Receives on the job training & performs the following highway maintenance duties: Receives CDL preparation & snow & ice training (i.e., CDL preparation & training, spreader attachment/detachment, plow blade replacement, plowing snow, snowplow operation & associated snow & ice duties). Flags & directs on-going vehicular traffic through highway maintenance & construction work sites on state & federal highways. Sets up & maintains traffic control structures (e.g., barricades, pot torches, cones, pavement markings, electrical warning devices). Performs general labor by using various hand tools (e.g., chain saw, shovels) in the maintenance & repair of highways (e.g., patches potholes, spreads berm gravel, repairs & paints guardrails, shovels snow, hand spreads salt on sidewalk, steps & pedestrian walkways, seals cracks).

Performs general building, grounds, & equipment maintenance &/or custodial work (e.g., sweeps garage floor, mows grass, maintains & trims shrubbery & trees, washes windows, cleans offices, removes trash, shovels snow from sidewalks, steps & walkways, rakes leaves, paints building structures, cleans, paints & refuels equipment). Maintains & completes a daily log & work record. Cleans repairs & performs general maintenance on equipment needing minor repairs, adjustments, etc. Relieves other employees when necessary, during emergency situations. Operates two-way radio in trucks & base station at various locations in the District. Answers telephone, delivers messages, & assists the clerk at various garage locations. Performs other duties as assigned by higher authority.

A Physical Ability Test (PAT) and Reading Comprehension & Math (RCM) Test will be given for the Highway Maintenance Worker 1 position and candidates MUST pass both tests in order to be considered for employment. PAT/RCM candidates will be selected based in part on meeting the prescribed minimum qualifications, including education and/or experience or licensure requirements of this position.

Formal education in arithmetic that includes addition & subtraction & in reading, writing & speaking common English vocabulary.

Valid Driver’s License.

Or equivalent of Minimum Class Qualifications for Employment noted above.

Must obtain Class B CDL with tanker endorsement without airbrake restriction within 6 months of hire.

Once a CDL is obtained, you will be reclassified beginning the following pay period (as long as minimum qualifications are met) to a Highway Technician 1 at an hourly pay rate of $19.15.


If you already have a CDL, you will work 2 weeks as a Highway Maintenance Worker 1 at an hourly rate of $18.45, then be reclassified to a Highway Technician 1 at an hourly rate of $19.15.

*Physical Ability Test – This test will require candidates to physically demonstrate the ability to lift, pull, drag &/or maneuver between 50-100 pounds. There are six (6) events to the Physical Ability Test course which consist of equipment & materials utilized on-the-job by current Highway Technicians. Candidates MUST successfully complete each of the six (6) events in order to pass the physical ability test & continue on to the Reading Comprehension & Math (RCM) Test. Applicants must pass both the PAT & RCM Tests in order to be considered for employment.

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