Social Worker – Embedded

Salary: See Position Description

Location : West St. Paul, MN

Job Type: Full-Time

Job Number: 3220r.23.003

Department: Social Services

Division: 30 CSS

Opening Date: 05/04/2023

Closing Date: Continuous

General Description
What You’ll Do
Dakota County Embedded Social Workers partner with law enforcement agencies to provide post-crisis stabilization and therapeutic support to children, adults and/or family systems experiencing an ongoing mental health crisis. Embedded Social Workers are a part of the Dakota County Crisis Continuum of services which also includes the Crisis Response Unit (CRU) and Crisis Stabilization. This position does not respond to active crisis calls. Rather, Embedded Social Workers partner with mental health trained officers to do proactive outreach after law enforcement has been called due to a mental health crisis with the goal of connection to supports that will reduce the likelihood of future emergency services utilization.

In this role you will:

  • Work in partnership with an assigned mental health officer to screen reports and identify individuals in need of follow up.
  • Initiate proactive outreach to households following a mental health crisis call.
  • Engage existing support networks such as case managers, mental health providers and informal supports.
  • Conduct crisis/needs assessments for individuals in the community.
  • Provide supports to help stabilize the current situation including: safety planning, case management (i.e. connection/reconnection to resources and long-term supports and services), skills development support, and short-term, intensive, in-home therapeutic services.
  • Coordinate with multiple system community partners including emergency responders, hospitals, schools, contracted partners, and internal continuum colleagues.
  • Manage a small caseload of crisis stabilization clients. Crisis stabilization provides short-term therapeutic services to support and stabilize an individual or family following a mental health crisis.
  • Provide mental health and community services related consultation and resources to assigned police department.
  • Document assessments and interventions in state and county systems.
  • Participate in community outreach with police partner based on community need.

Individuals who will be successful in this position have the ability to function well in unpredictable and challenging situations calling for sensitivity, flexibility, resourcefulness, and independent judgment.

Currently there are 2 vacancies available for this position. This posting will be used to fill these current vacancies and any future vacancies for a period of up to 4 months.

Location and Schedule
This is an on-site, in-person position that will be located at a police department within Dakota County. The typical work schedule will be Monday-Friday 8am-4:30pm with four days per week spent at the department and one day per week working from home. Occasional changes to this schedule based on the needs of the partner department may be considered.

Who We Are
Dakota County is Minnesota’s third largest county and home to more than 400,000 residents. Our motto is “Be More” and we strive every day to achieve excellence public service, with a focus on four values: Service, Integrity, People, and Innovation.
Dakota County aims to create an environment that is welcoming and inclusive of diverse people, backgrounds, and experiences. Our goal is to have a workforce that is reflective of the communities and individuals we serve. We promote an equitable and culturally aware work environment where everyone can be their authentic selves.

Current Dakota County employees are eligible for a $500 referral bonus for this position. To be considered employees must submit the referral form prior to the close date of the posting. Staff can find the online and under policy 3101.
Minimum Qualifications
Master’s degree in Social Work, Psychology, or Marriage and Family Therapy
Licensure as a Mental Health Practitioner OR Professional
Valid Driver’s License


  • Licensure as a Mental Health Professional
  • Ability to speak, read, and/or write in a secondary language (e.g., Somali, Spanish)

Duties & Responsibilities
These examples do not include all possible tasks in this work and do not limit the assignment of related tasks in any position of this classification. Regular attendance according to the position’s management approved work schedule is required for all positions.

1. Develop and implement all or part of an individualized treatment plan, defining initial and ongoing measurable goals and objectives.
2. Provide, arrange, and coordinate direct services and advocacy with clients and families.
3. Facilitate, integrate, and mobilize community resources on behalf of the client. Develop services where needed resources do not exist.
4. Evaluate, document, and monitor progress toward goals and objectives.
5. Research, maintain, and apply knowledge of relevant policies, procedures, and statutes. Provide training and education to others.
6. Demonstrates a commitment to support cultural diversity County wide, actively supports the County’s diversity initiatives, and works to address the needs of diverse and underrepresented communities.
7. Complete agency, state, and federal required documentation as related to client activity according to mandated timelines.
8. Closure of crisis stabilization activity with client based on resolution of established goals and/or successful integration to community resources. Terminate activity with client when client requests closure or when involuntary closure is ordered.
9. Assist with occasional pre-petition screenings.

ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS: Duties 1-8 are essential functions.
Knowledge, Skills & Abilities and Work Environment

  • Knowledge of child and human development, family dynamics and systems, including crisis management and cultural competency.
  • Knowledge of community resources and funding sources.
  • Demonstrates an understanding of and respect for the diversity of customers, co-workers, and supervisors, including individuals with a disability or whose first language may be other than English.
  • Knowledge of medical diagnoses, medications, and basic medical terminology, as well as medical insurance processes and procedures.
  • Knowledge of statutes, rules, and policies pertaining to social work and the ability to research the same.
  • Interviewing, negotiation, mediation, and listening skills.
  • Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing.

WORK ENVIRONMENT: Work is performed in a County office building, in a police department within Dakota County, and out in the community. Some travel is required. Lifting requirement of up to 20 pounds on an occasional basis. Exposure to inadequate lighting may occur on client home visits. Equipment used may include, but is not limited to, computer, printer, telephone, cell phone, audio/visual equipment, and copy and fax machines.


  • Comprehensive and affordable medical, dental, vision, and other benefits
  • Excellent work-life balance
  • Generous paid time off (accrual rate starts at four weeks per year)
  • Eleven paid holidays each year and one floating holiday
  • Pension with a generous employer contribution
  • Ability to work from home some of the time

Selection Process

  • You submit an online application that includes supplemental questions
  • We assign you a score based on your qualifications
  • Top scoring candidates are referred to the hiring manager for interview consideration
  • We conduct background and reference checks before hiring

General Information

  • POSTING TYPE: Open Competitive
  • DEPARTMENT: Social Services
  • HOURS: Full-time
  • The position requires the ability to work occasional evening and weekend hours.
  • The position is grant funded with potential of a position within Social Services after the grant funded position ends.
  • PREFERRED HIRING RANGE: $65,514.00 – $73,703.00/annually (108 Grade)
  • FULL SALARY RANGE: $65,514.00 – $102,365.00/annually
  • LOCATION: Various including the Northern Service Center in West Saint Paul, work within a police department and/or in the community
  • CLOSE DATE: Continuous with first review of applications 5/17/2023

Dakota County Employee Relations
Main Number 651.438.4435 (contact 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Monday – Friday)
Fax 651.438.8178

Visit our Benefits site for more information.


*******Applicants for this recruitment will be rated based on their answers to the supplemental questions listed below and application materials. It is IMPERATIVE that information provided on the application and resume are detailed and clearly outline your work experience & skills. They must also support and/or match answers to the supplemental questions.Please initial the box below to CONFIRM that the information provided is accurate and true to the best of your knowledge. Falsification may result in disqualification from consideration for this and subsequent recruitments with Dakota County for up to three years.


Please initial the box below to CONFIRM that you understand that a background check including but not limited to criminal, employment, driving, and educational check may be conducted upon acceptance of a position.


Minimum Qualification Screening

  • I have a Master’s degree in Social Work, Psychology, or Marriage and Family Therapy
  • I am licensed as a Mental Health Practitioner OR Professional
  • I don’t have any of the above, but willing to obtain


Please select the highest level of education COMPLETED/Degree held. (Degree must be held by the closing date of this recruitment)

  • High School Diploma or G.E.D equivalent
  • Professional/Technical Certificate equivalent to 1 year of full-time post secondary education
  • Associate’s Degree
  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Master’s Degree or above


If you have a Master’s degree please note Major. If you have no degree indicate “NONE”.


How many years of experience do you have as a professional level Social Worker? Convert any part-time experience to years (i.e. 20 hours per week for 2 years equals 1 year full-time.)

  • Less than 1 year
  • 1 – 2 years
  • 3 – 4 years
  • 5 or more years
  • None


Describe your Professional level Social Worker experience. If you have no experience, indicate “NONE”.


How many years of experience do you have providing crisis intervention services for children and/or adults?

  • Less than 2 years
  • 2 – 5 years
  • 5 + years
  • None


Describe your experience providing crisis intervention services for children and/or adults. If you have no experience, indicate “NONE”.


How many years of experience do you have providing assessment of need and information/referral for adults and/or children with mental illness?

  • Less than 2 years
  • 2 – 5 years
  • 5 + years
  • None


Describe your experience providing assessment of need and information/referral for adults and/or children with mental illness. If you have no experience, indicate “NONE”.


How many years of experience do you have providing telephone or on-site intervention to clients experiencing a mental health, child welfare, community corrections or financial crisis?

  • Less than 2 years
  • 2 – 5 years
  • 5 + years
  • None


Describe your experience providing telephone or on-site intervention to clients experiencing a mental health, child welfare, community corrections or financial crisis. If you have no experience, indicate “NONE”.


Are you proficient in a language other than English? If so, identify the skills you possess. Check ALL that apply.

  • Speak
  • Read
  • Write
  • None


If you are proficient in a secondary language (e.g., Somali, Spanish) please identify the language and years of experience. If not, please indicate “NONE.”


WILLINGNESS TO LEARNDescribe a time you realized you did not possess the knowledge or skills to complete a task. What steps did you take after you made the realization?


VALUE IN DIVERSE ATTRIBUTESDescribe how your background and experiences will contribute to Dakota County’s goal of promoting inclusion, diversity, and equity in all we do.


CORE VALUESDakota County’s core values are:• Service: make helping others a top priority• Innovation: challenge ourselves to do better• Integrity: honest, fair accountable• People: value and respect individualsDescribe a personal or professional situation where you feel you demonstrated one or more of these values.


This position requires working occasional evenings and weekends. Are you willing to work evenings and weekends?

  • Yes
  • No


If selected for this position, what would be your minimum acceptable salary?


Your response to this question will help Dakota County evaluate the effectiveness of recruitment sources for this specific position. You may have been asked this question in the Agency Wide Questions but we would ask you to please complete this question here as well. Please select the one source that most closely describes how you first learned about this opportunity.

  • Dakota County Website
  • Job Interest e-mails from Dakota County
  • Careerbuilder
  • College Website, Instructor, Career Services
  • JobsInMinneapolis/StPaul
  • League of Minnesota Cities
  • MN Association of Counties
  • Minnesota Council of Non-Profits
  • Minnesota Works Website
  • Monster
  • InDeed
  • Social Media (LinkedIn, Mad Mimi)
  • Job Fair or Dakota County Event
  • Professional Association Website
  • I am a former employee of Dakota County
  • Referred by A Dakota County Employee
  • Friend, Family or Colleague
  • Other


If you selected Other, please indicate where you heard about this opportunity with Dakota County.

Required Question

Job Category
Job Type
Career Level