Natural Resource Specialist 1 (PCN: 10-1898)

Salary: $24.05 Hourly

Location : Anchorage, AK

Job Type: Full Time

Job Number: 40141

Department: Natural Resources

Division: Mining, Land & Water

Opening Date: 05/17/2023

Closing Date: 6/7/2023 5:00 PM Alaska

Division: Mining, Land & Water

Position Open To: Alaska Residents Only

Bargaining Unit: General Government

Range: 14

Job Description

What You Will Be Doing
The Division of Mining, Land & Water (DMLW) is recruiting for highly motivated adjudicators within the Contract Initiation and Revenue Recovery Section (CIRR). This unique opportunity for growth within the Division provides opportunities to audit permits, easements, and leases for revenue recovery efforts with all three regional land offices and support the administration of land sales contracts.

Mission and Culture
The DNR mission is to “Develop, conserve and maximize the use of Alaska’s natural resources consistent with the public interest.” The DMLW mission is to “To provide for the appropriate use and management of Alaska’s state-owned land and water, aiming toward maximum use consistent with the public interest.” CIRR’s role is to support DNR and DMLW’s missions by ensuring contract maintenance of state authorizations and ensuring monetary compliance consistent with the public interest.

Benefits of Joining Our Team
You will be joining a dynamic team of diverse individuals. This is also an opportunity to learn new programs within DMLW alongside natural resource professionals.

The Working Environment You Can Expect
The position is located on the sixth floor of the Robert G. Atwood Building in Anchorage; the location offers free surface or covered parking and provides easy access to all that downtown Anchorage has to offer. The daily work environment for CIRR is collaborative, supportive, and team-work oriented. As a caring group, the diversity of personalities makes CIRR a fun place to work in where you will learn new skills and knowledge and build strong bonds with your coworkers

We are looking for a candidate that possesses the following position-specific competencies:

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills, including proficiency in technical writing, grammar and editing;
  • Ability to work independently, take initiative, and exercise sound judgment under general supervision;
  • Successfully manage multiple tasks, identify and analyze problems, source and research information, recommend appropriate actions, and achieve deadlines;
  • Great customer service skills;
  • Ability to read and interpret maps.

Minimum Qualifications

Any combination of education and/or experience that provides the applicant with competencies in:

  • Analytical Thinking/Problem Solving: uses a logical, systematic, sequential approach to address problems or opportunities or manage a situation by drawing on one’s knowledge and experience base and calling on other references and resources as necessary.
  • Oral Communication: Expresses information (for example, ideas or facts) to individuals or groups effectively, taking into account the audience and nature of the information (for example, technical, sensitive, controversial); makes clear and convincing oral presentations; listens to others, attends to nonverbal cues, and responds appropriately.
  • Reading: Understands and interprets written material, including technical material, rules, regulations, instructions, reports, charts, graphs, or tables; applies what is learned from written material to specific situations.
  • Writing: Recognizes or uses correct English grammar, punctuation, and spelling; communicates information (for example, facts, ideas, or messages) in a succinct and organized manner; produces written information, which may include technical material, that is appropriate for the intended audience.

equivalent to those typically gained by:

Education from an accredited college and/or experience in natural resource management.


“Competencies” means a combination of interrelated knowledge, skills, abilities, and behaviors that enable a person to act effectively in a job or situation.

“Qualified” means is assessed to credibly possess the competencies needed to learn the job in a reasonable period.

“Training” and “education” in this guidance are synonyms for the process of acquiring knowledge and skills through instruction. It includes instruction through formal and informal methods (such as classroom, on-line, self-study, and on-the-job), from accredited and unaccredited sources, and long duration (such as a post-secondary degree) and short-duration (such as a seminar) programs.

“Typically gained by” means the prevalent, usual method of gaining the competencies expected for entry into the job.

Special Note:

For purposes of the minimum qualifications, natural resource management is defined as the management of the land, water, mineral, forest, oil, gas, agricultural, archaeological, natural and cultural history, park, and related surface and subsurface resources. Experience or education in natural resource management means involvement in the above resources exclusively. Those with experience or education in managing these resources may specialize in different management functions (for example, planning, regulation, research or title). All of this experience is applicable to the natural resource management definition. Some positions may require education in a particular area of natural resource management or specific technical knowledge and training gained through specialized education or progressively greater responsibilities at the lower levels of the series.

Additional Required Information


This recruitment is open to Alaska Residents only. Applicants must meet to be considered for employment at this time.

If selected for an interview, the applicant must provide the following:

  • A copy of your last two (2) performance appraisals or two (2) letters of reference if performance evaluations are not available;
  • A list of three (3) professional references with current contact information, one (1) of which must be from a former or current supervisor;
  • A copy of any documents necessary to show proof of meeting this position’s minimum qualifications. This includes a copy of your college transcripts if you are using education to meet the position’s minimum qualifications.

Application Notice
You can ONLY apply for this position through the Workplace Alaska website or via a hardcopy application. If you accessed this recruitment bulletin through a job search portal, such as AlaskaJobs or any other database, you MUST use a Workplace Alaska online or hardcopy application to apply successfully. Instructions on how to apply with Workplace Alaska may be found on the Workplace Alaska “” page. Your application must be submitted by 5:00 p.m. Alaska Standard Time on the closing date.

Supplemental Questions
This recruitment utilizes a supplemental questionnaire as part of the application process. These questions may be a mix of written, multiple-choice, and select all that apply questions. The answers you provide to the questions will be an opportunity for you to tell us about your experience and/or education. The answers will be used to determine which applicants will advance to the interview phase of the recruitment and selection process; please be as thorough and accurate as you can.

A cover letter is NOT required for this position. Your complete application, including supplemental questions, will be used to determine which applicants will advance to the interview phase of the recruitment and selection process.

If post-secondary education is required to meet the minimum qualifications, you must fill in the Education section of the application. If you have not obtained a degree, please indicate the number of units completed. Copies of transcripts are required to verify educational credentials if used to meet the minimum qualifications for a position. Transcripts can be attached at the time of application or provided at the time of the interview.

Special Instructions for Foreign Education
Education completed in foreign colleges or universities may be used to meet the minimum qualifications listed above. If utilizing this education, you must show that the education credentials have been submitted to a private organization that specializes in the interpretation of foreign educational credentials and that such education has been deemed to be at least equivalent to that gained in conventional U.S. education programs; or an accredited U.S. post-secondary institution reports the other institution as one whose transcript is given full value, or full value is given in subject areas applicable to the curricula at the post-secondary institution. It is your responsibility to provide such evidence when applying.

Work Experience
If using work experience not already documented in your application, also provide the employer’s name, job title, employment dates, and whether full or part-time. Applications will be reviewed to determine whether the responses are supported and whether minimum qualifications are clearly met. If they are not, the applicant may not advance to the recruitment interview and selection phase.

Note: Attaching a resume is not an alternative to filling out the application entirely. Noting, “see resume” or any similar response on any portion of your application may lead to a determination that your application is incomplete and removal from consideration for this job posting.

Bargaining Unit
If you are a current state employee, please mark the union you are a member of at the time of application. Do not complete this question if you are not a current state employee.

EEO Statement
The State of Alaska complies with Title I of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Individuals with disabilities, who require accommodation, auxiliary aides or services, or alternative communication formats, please call 1-800-587-0430 or 465-4095 in Juneau or (907) 465-3412 (TTY) or correspond with the Division of Personnel & Labor Relations at P. O. Box 110201, Juneau, AK 99811-0201. The State of Alaska is an equal-opportunity employer.
Contact Information
Workplace Alaska Application Questions & Assistance
Questions regarding application submission or system operation errors should be directed to the Workplace Alaska hotline at 1-800-587-0430 (toll-free) or (907) 465-4095 if you are in the Juneau area. Requests for information may also be emailed to

For applicant password assistance, please visit

For specific information about this position, please get in touch with the hiring manager at the following:

Andrew Wilson

Natural Resource Manager 1

Phone: 907-269-8597

Careers with the State of Alaska offer MANY benefits

The following information describes typical benefits available to employees of the State of Alaska. Actual benefits received may differ by bargaining unit or branch of government, position type, or be prorated for other than full time work.

For a quick breakdown of the insurance, health, and retirement benefits available for State Employees you can view an (Please note this video is specifically designed for new State Employees.)

Insurance Benefits

  • Health insurance, which includes employer contributions toward medical/vision/dental
    • The following employee groups are under AlaskaCare Benefits administered by the State: See for additional information.
      • AVTEC
      • Confidential
      • Correctional Officers
      • Marine Engineers
      • Mt. Edgecumbe Teachers
      • Supervisory
      • Unlicensed Vessel Personnel/Inland Boatman’s Union
      • Exempt employees (not covered by collective bargaining)
    • The following employee groups are covered by Union health trusts. Contact the appropriate Union for additional information.
      • General Government
      • Labor, Trades and Crafts
      • Public Safety Employees Association
      • Masters, Mates & Pilots
  • Employer paid Basic Life insurance with additional coverage available (amount depends on Bargaining Unit)

Optional Insurance Benefits

  • Group-based insurance premiums for
    • Term life (employee, spouse or qualified same sex partner, and dependents)
    • Long-term and short-term disability
    • Accidental Death and Dismemberment
    • Long-term care (self and eligible family members)
    • Supplemental Survivor Benefits
  • Employee-funded flexible spending accounts for tax savings on eligible health care or dependent care expenses

Retirement Benefits

  • Membership in the Public Employees Retirement System (PERS)/Teachers’ Retirement System (TRS)
  • Matching employer contribution into a defined contribution program (new employees)
  • Employer contribution into a defined benefit or defined contribution program (current employees)
  • Contributions to the Alaska Supplemental Annuity Plan in lieu of contributions to Social Security
  • Option to enroll in the Alaska Deferred Compensation Program
  • Note: The Defined Contribution Plan, Supplemental Annuity Plan and Deferred Compensation Program offer a variety of investment options

See for additional information

Paid Leave & Other Benefits

  • Personal leave with an accrual rate increase based on time served
  • Eleven paid holidays a year
  • Gym discounts at participating fitness providers in multiple locations throughout the state.

See for additional information


Please describe your ability to communicate effectively in writing and verbally. Please provide examples.


Please describe your ability work independently and take initiative. Please provide examples.


Please describe your ability to multi-task, identify and analyze problems, source and research information, recommend appropriate actions, and achieve deadlines. Please provide examples.


Please describe your experience in customer service. Please provide examples.


Please describe your ability to read and interpret maps.


I understand that the education and/or experience being used to meet the minimum qualifications for this position must be adequately documented in this application in order to be considered. Attaching a resume is not an alternative to completing the application in full. Failure to submit a complete application may lead to a determination that your application is incomplete and your removal from consideration for this job opening.

  • I acknowledge that I understand this requirement.

Required Question

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Job Type
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