Attendance Secretary

Position Type:
Administrative Support Services/Attendance Secretary

Date Posted:

Rock Springs High School

Date Available:
When Filled

Closing Date:
When Filled

Job Title: Attendance Secretary
Location: Rock Springs High School
Reports To: Principal/Assistant Principal
Terms of Employment:
10 Months/Year
Full Time-40 Hours/Week
Salary Classification
S-I, $19.61

Nature and Scope of Job:

To assist in the daily organization, operation, and general functioning of the office. To promote an atmosphere conducive to the effective operation of a school and to insure optimal services.

The school secretary is usually the first to encounter an individual upon entering a school. In this important role, the secretary is responsible for establishing a helpful, congenial atmosphere for all individuals who enter the building. The telephone manner must convey a cheerful, helpful tone. The school secretary must be able to establish good rapport with all individuals in the school, i.e., parents, administrators, teachers, students, district workers, other secretaries, aides and sales representatives.

Basic secretarial and communication skills are necessary to perform such duties and responsibilities as assigned by the building principal, and to do the following:

Job Functions

Essential Functions:

1. Track and maintain accurate attendance by telephone contact with parent/guardian of absent students, and verifying reason for absences on a daily basis.

2. Handles, in a courteous manner, answering the attendance phone lines and greeting visitors daily.

3. Maintains confidentiality of all information concerning students, staff, or parent/guardian in any public setting and chooses the appropriate time, place, and supervisor to discuss problems.

4. Uses positive verbal and non-verbal communication and interaction skills when working with students, parent/guardian, and all district personnel at all times.

5. Writes and records admit slips, passes, and permits to leave the building on a daily basis.

6. Maintains an efficient filing system of student absences/verifications.

7. Alphabetize and files student’s emergency cards and maintains files.

8. Faculty excuse students for the following: in with counsels, administrators, band sectionals, sick room, probation, testing, field trips and sports.

9. Request homework for students who are sick or have been suspended, by emailing teachers and filling out a homework form in the teachers mailbox.

10. Help with distribution of medication of students and maintain records of medication.

11. Give administrators, faculty, counselors, students, and parents copies of attendance, grades, and schedules, when needed.

12. Generate reports for 1st unverified, 5 day, and 10 day letters. Generate a list of students and create letters to be stamped, folded and put into envelopes.

13. Mail student’s attendance letters to parents daily.

14. Generate a daily Attendance Report at the end of each day and file.

15. Check students in and out of sick room, excuse them in PowerSchool daily if needed.

16. Check students in and out of school daily, upon parent request and excuse them in PowerSchool. Change Dr. notes to medical in PowerSchool.

17. Refer unverified absences and outstanding absences to associate principals daily.

18. Record student tardies on a daily basis, and input truancies as requested by teachers and administrators.

19. Maintains, on a daily basis, basic student information in Power School.

20. Assist in the preparation of withdrawal/drop forms of students leaving school.

21. Take messages for personnel, faculty, counselors and students.

22. Call students out of class for faculty and parents.

23. Give schedule information to faculty, administration.

24. Insert student changes of address/phone numbers into computer.

25. Makes written referrals to Assistant Principal on students as needed..

26. Give schedule information, and demographic information to School Resource Officer (SRO) when needed.

27. File Dr. notes, attendance reports, homework requests, activity sheets, check in sheet, check out sheets, nurse log entries, prearranged absent forms and daily attendance reports and file at the end of each quarter.

28. Record log entries for cell phones, iPods, and dress code violations etc. daily, print at the end of each quarter and file.

29. Assist in giving change when needed and help in writing receipts for fines paid.

30. Change password daily in PowerSchool for subs.

31. Generate a report for Over 10 excused absences, get of list of students and notify teachers through email. Make the changes in PowerSchool to the students attendance record.

32. Print yearly attendance at the end of the school year and post each individual student’s attendance for the school year in his or her files.

33. Generate PowerSchool teacher attendance report for Administrator as requested.

Other Functions:

Non categorical responsibilities the school secretary has involves the following areas:

1. Maintains office in a clean and orderly manner on a daily basis.

2. Prepares, types, collates, staples, alphabetizes, and/or files materials to ensure the efficient operation of office and schools as needed.

3. Assists in the day-to-day operation of a school on a daily basis.

4. Attends building, job related, or district meetings as directed by the principal.

5. Enters discipline referrals in the computer upon request by principal, associate principals, faculty and counselors.

6. Take mail to CAB upon request.

7. Perform other duties as assigned.


Job Qualifications

Knowledge, Skills and Mental Ability:

Able to make sound and appropriate decisions.

Has the capability to use and run all machines in the building.

Minimum Requirements (Education, License, Certification, Experience or Formal Training):

High School Diploma

Computer literate

Equipment Used:

Computer Typewriter Printer

Telephone Intercom Adding Machine

Copier Laminator Optical Scanner

FAX Machine Binding Machine Paper Cutter

Shredding Machine

Physical Demands:

Digital finger strength necessary to type on heavy setting.

Lower body strength to stand and walk throughout the work day.

Upper body strength to lift and carry 25 pounds for 50 feet throughout the work day.

Have visual acuity and stamina to work at a computer monitor throughout the work day.

Standing for at least 25% of the work day.

Walking for at least 30% of the work day.

Sitting for at least 45% of the work day.

Environmental Demands:

Exposure to high traffic control

Exposure to visual display terminal

Fluorescent lighting

Occasional exposure to weather extremes

High noise level from: telephones, computer equipment, copier, other offices and

building ventilation system

Poor ventilation, no air conditioning

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